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Charoite (CHAR-ight)

Named after a purple gemstone believed to guide leaps of faith to success, Charoite encourages listeners to explore, experiment, and defend their joy with confidence. Charoite's music bounces from pop-rock to alt-pop and punk-rock, and matches it with visual kei flair and glowing accents. Often described as a tech wizard, Charoite fits the term both figuratively and literally, incorporating technology into their live performances in delightful ways.

"Hopepunk is about demanding a better, kinder world, and truly believing that we can get there." - Alexandra Rowland

Charoite is no stranger to hardship. Born into an abusive family and hammered by a series of unfortunate and uncommon events, Charoite only survived through the kindness and support of their local community. Having seen both the best and the worst in humanity, they turbo-charged their efforts to survive and be a positive force in the world. After working five part-time jobs while attending school full time, Charoite finally graduated into a more stable life, and now advocates for children's rights, access to the arts, and anti-bias training for technologists.

“Fantasy, science fiction, and music all were crucial to my survival. They gave me a better world to escape to; but at some point you realize your ‘real’ life can also be enjoyed, not just endured. And I’m in that process right now: finding the things that make me excited to wake up in the morning, not just excited to go to bed. These songs are my guidebook, my reminders and reassurances, and I sincerely hope that they will help everyone find joy today, tomorrow, and forever.” - Charoite

Everyone deserves a magical life. That includes you! So look for new experiences, new reasons to be excited about the future today. Seek it out and ye shall find!

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